Relax, we've got you covered
l Backup Everything ePHI and eDocuments
l No Setup Fees or Hidden Charges
l Native OfficeMate SQL Database Backup
l Backup 625% More Data Than Other Backup


100% HIPAA Compliant, 100% OfficeMate® Compatible, and
over 400% Less Expensive
than other OfficeMate backup systems.

No annual licensing fees and no contracts!

Contact our Sales and Education team today for a free backup estimate at 1-800-941-4913, Option 2 or .

Practice Shadow is the most cost effective 100% HIPAA compliant cloud based backup system that exists for health care providers.  Practice Shadow creates backups of all of your ePHI and eDocuments and stores them in Think Smart's secure HIPAA compliant data center and creates a mirror copy in your office. If two storage locations are not enough, you can even store your data in your own third party cloud storage location like Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Carbonite®, or many others.


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I know that when we depend on your expertise it will be there

- Dr. McFarland O.D.

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I feel secure knowing Think Smart is there when I need them

- Dr. Hoffman O.D.

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Your website made it easy to understand what I needed

- Dr. Noble O.D.

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I appreciate your extremely quick response to my support needs

- M. Felkay COT

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Had another amazing experience with Think Smart today...

- M. Brady

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Think Smart went above and beyond to help us...

- Dr. Pels O.D.

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"Think Smart Exceeded my very high expectations"

- Dr. Benjamin Yip O.D.

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Store All Your Patient Data Including eDocuments

You need a simple backup solution that makes it simple to backup all of your patient information.  You want this information to be stored in a secure offsite location, however you also want a local copy of the data to be stored at your practice. No problem, Practice Shadow does that.

Practice Shadow stores all of your patient information from OfficeMate and ExamWRITER.  All the patient inforamtion and all of the eDocuments that are created.  With Practice Shadow you're in control because you can retrieve files from your backup with our easy to use interface; or if technology is not your idea of fun, then just call one of our support engineers and they will happily assist you.

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Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Patient Data is Safe

We understand the importance of your patient data and we are committed to maintinaing the integrity of your ePHI by adhearing to strict security standards and offering the highest level of data encryption in the industry.  We start by securing your data inside world class data centers using only the finest IBM server systems. Your data is replicated to a redundant storage location in an effort to ensure data integrity.  Finally only you hold the key to decrypt the data which means that even the Think Smart staff can not gain access to your data without your knowledge and permission.  Your patient data is yours, lets keep it that way.

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Your Backup Custom Configured Just For You

Practice Shadow will notify you (or any e-mail address you choose) when a backup is successful, failed, missed, or canceled. These notifications come out within minutes after the completion of the backup process.

Practice Shadow also offers the ability to backup to your own third party cloud storage service like Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Carbonite®, Microsoft's One Drive®, or almost any other cloud storage provider. Best of all there is no additional charges to use this feature.