Eyefinity Approved Computer Hardware For Your OfficeMate System


from the only OfficeMate Certified Partner that offers both approved hardware, OfficeMate in the cloud, and complete I.T. support for your practice.


W ith a broad range of Eyefinity Certified OfficeMate servers, workstations, and peripherals Think Smart makes it easy for you to outfit your entire practice.  Because our systems are pre-certified to be 100% compatible with OfficeMate and ExamWRITER you have peace of mind knowing that your systems will work as designed.  Every one of our servers and workstations are backed by our no hassle 3 year warranty. If you would like to review the Eyefinity hardware requirements, click below. 


The Smart Server series of machines combines the most important features that your practice needs in a server without adding items that do nothing for your practice except increase the price. Our servers are covered by Think Smart's no hassle 3 year warranty.

Think Smarts servers are certified and recommended by Eyefinity to run OfficeMate, ExamWRITER, Delta, or COS in your practice. We offer several different models tailored to every practices needs.  Every Smart Server from Think Smart is pre-configured and ready run your version of Eyefinity software.  Each server is hand assembled and built with the best components from the industries top brands.  Each server undergoes an extensive testing cycle to ensure it's running at peak performance when it arrives to your practice.  You will never find any unnecessary pre-installed trial software on our systems like you will on Dell, IBM, and other brands as its proven that it slows systems down by up to 25%. Click the learn more button to get details and specifications on each Smart Server model, or press the shop now button if your ready to buy your server today.



Think Smart's customizable Vision Series 4 workstation exceeds the requirements to run OfficeMate and ExamWRITER.  Vision Series 4 workstations are business class computers designed to take the day to day use that your practice needs.  You'll never worry about storage space with a 500 Gigabyte hard drive your not likely to run out of space.  Think Smart uses only Intel processors in our systems to ensure long term compatibility and the latest advancements.  Each system is pre-installed with the latest version of Microsoft Windows giving you the flexibility to not only run the latest versions of OfficeMate, ExamWRITER, and other software like Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Of course all Vision Series Workstations are covered by Think Smart's exclusive 3 year warranty.



For years Think Smart has been the go to place for barcode scanners and printer for use with Eyefinity software products.  Thats because every bar code scanner and printer is pre-programmed before ever leaving our office to work with your software including OfficeMate, Eyefinity PM, Delta, and COS.  If you find you need additional help, we include 30 days of FREE support to assist you connecting your barcode equipment.  Affordable extended support plans are also available. Find out about all of our barcode hardware by clicking on the learn more or shop now buttons.