Real People, Real Answers, Real Support

Let's face it, computer support is about as fun as getting a root canal.  You're typically on hold for what seems like eternity, and when someone finally does pick up the phone, they are usually not the person you need to talk to that can help.

At Think Smart support works in a different way...

We give you several options to get in touch with support: (Select a blue button below)



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Live Help (Support Chat)

 Live Support Chat is currenty offline and not available.  We are updating our chat system and will return to use shortly.





Ticket Mail

Ticket Mail is our system which receives an e-mail from you and automatically opens a support ticket under your name.  In the subject line of the e-mail you give a short description of the type of problem you are having like, "Can't print" or "OfficeMate shows error 203", then in the body of the e-mail give a detailed description of what exactly is going wrong.  Be as descriptive as possible as this will help the engineers evaluate your problem.  As with every support ticket created a support engineer is notified, assigned, and begins to work to help you. 




Support Portal

Looking for a fast way to let our enginnering support team know you need help?  The web support portal allows you to enter new support tickets, check on the status of open support tickets, see your invoices (admins only), and even access the knowledge database of support issues we have previously solved for you.  The support portal offers a plethora of information about your practice and give you complete control over your user experience. 


Practice Shadow Portal Login

If your an existing Practice Shadow Customer and would like to login to the Practice Shadow customer portal your in the right place. Click the icon to the left and you will be redirected to the portal login screen.



Telephone Support

Of course you can always call us and speak directly with a support engineer.  When you call you will be placed in line on a first come first served basis.  Because support engineers can only talk to one practice at a time, you might have to wait, but rest assured we are working hard to make our calls as short as possible.