new way for support

How It Works








Sarah a customer of Think Smart's Practice Anywhere Cloud

service reports an issue with printing labels.













Within seconds a support ticket is open inside Think Smart's support ticket system and sends a message

Back to Sarah letting her know her ticket number and also an engineer will be with her shortly.




John, a Think Smart support engineer responds to Sarah offering some help.

Msg2This conversation Between Sarah and John can now

take place over text messaging quickly and effiently.







 John, has a solution for Sarah to try.  The solution worked and Sarah can resume her day.







John, can write his notes and close the support ticket.  This interaction with Sarah has been completely

tracked inside Think Smart's support ticketing system for future reference should it be needed.






Sarah will get a closing message letting her know that from John's

perspective the support ticket is closed. Should she need to re-open

the support ticket all she needs to do is reply to the last text.









Using Quick Text is quick and easy.  Just send a text message from any device that is capable of sending text messages (Phone, Tablet, Smart Device, Computer, etc.) to Think Smart's Quick Text at (916) 414-8600.  A support engineer will reply with a text directly to your phone to help you out.


NOTE: Think Smart will never sell, give away, or use your private cell phone number for any other purpose than to respond to your quick text requests.  We would never want anyone to give out our private information and we respect your privacy too.